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Split is a 1700 year old city famous for its UNESCO PROTECTED DIOCLETIAN PALACE, its popular stone houses which are still in their original constructure.

Split is an important tourist destination because of its history, beauty and ideal connection with nearby cities, excursion sites and islands. Please see Day Trips for more information!

Authentic Luxury & Palace Spa are situated in the heart of the city whose history is linked with the establishment of the palace, which was built in the Antique period by the Roman emperor Diocletian for residential purposes.


When Caesar decided to build the Palace, his intention was to make it exclusively his residence, but by time the constant flow of new inhabitants changed its internal appearance, That's why only the southern part of the palace was used for imperial quarters.

Over the centuries, the Diocletian's palace has changed its layout but it is still considered one of the best-preserved palaces in the world, which is also the vibrant city centre where most of cultural events take place and its citizens enjoy having their daily coffee. Particularly fascinating are its cellars (the best preserved), Peristil (the main square within the palace), the four gates of the Palace (Golden Gate, Silver Gate, Bronze and Iron Gate), St. Domnius cathedral (once the mausoleum of the Diocletian) and the temples of Jupiter and Venus.